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  ANS004: Input Filter for MagI³C Power Modules Application Note Power Modules 1 312KB [icon]  
  ANS006: Selection and Designing with MagI³C Application Note Power Modules 1 069KB [icon]  
  DNO001: Demo Board Power LED´s with Slider Application Note Power Modules 571KB [icon]  
  DNS001: LED Driver with MagI³C Power Module Application Note Power Modules 1 513KB [icon]  
  FIT-Rate Reliability Data MTBF Reliability Data Composants Passif 1 469KB [icon]  
  Press-Fit Technology Application Note Connectique Electromécanique 2 270KB [icon]  
  ANO002: LEDs – The Future of Horticultural Lighting Application Note Optoelectronics 1 885KB [icon]  
  ANP059: Characterization Methods for Flexible Absorber Sheets WE-FAS Application Note Composants Passif 1 440KB [icon]  
  ANP070: Proprietary wireless power transfer solution for high performance including data transmission Application Note Composants Passif 4 246KB [icon]  
  ANO003: Advantages of LED Lighting in Horticultural Applications Application Note Optoelectronics 2 569KB [icon]