REDCUBE Terminals – Innovation at its finest.

While Press-Fit is becoming more widely known in the industry, do the masses of designers really understand the benefits of using the technology? The Würth Elektronik REDCUBE line of terminals is one of the most pioneered High Power connections available. In comparison to other high current contacts, REDCUBE terminals have the lowest heat development with the same current carrying capacity.

REDCUBE terminals are made for a variety of applications, including:

• Connecting battery leads or main power to your board

• Transferring power from one board to another

• Mounting large components to your board

• The ability to automatically install with THR & SMD options

Four leading-edge constructions build the REDCUBE line and cover a variety of processing technologies in a wide array of applications.


The outstanding feature of a REDCUBE Press-Fit is a very good electrical and at the same time stable mechanical connection between pin and printed circuit board. Each single solid press-fit pin typically has a pull-out force of more than 100 N.

A press-fit connection is created by pressing the pins of a REDCUBE PRESS-FIT into plated-through holes of a printed circuit board. A high friction between pin and plate creates a strong, cold-weld. This results in a gas-tight electrical connection which allows power transfers up to 500A with very low heat development

Other key features include:

• Internal or external thread for wire-2-board connections or mounting of copper bars on PCBs

• 90° versions for angled electrical connection of cable lugs or angled mechanical assembling of PCBs on housings

• Two-part variants for high board-2-board connections

REDCUBE Plug (within Press-Fit)

REDCUBE Plug offers all the benefits of a press-fit design with the added benefit of a screwless cable connection. The cable connector is locked in a plastic housing by spring force. Pushing on the top of the housing allows mating the cable connector into the REDCUBE Plug. Plug is great for mounting in tight spaces or for multiple times pluggable applications.

Other key features include:

• Heat resistance up to 302°F (125°C)

• Automated locking function

• Multiple mating cycles


REDCUBE SMD terminals are the result of the growing demand for components with small footprint and fully automatic assembly process. Despite its small size, there is a requirement for the lowest possible heat generation in order to keep power losses during power transmission as low as possible.

The WP-SMRT terminal allows for wire-to-board or board-to-board connections. Our tape and reel packaging is created for automated assembly. Würth Elektronik has developed the solderable REDCUBE SMT high current terminals in different designs:

Advantages of REDCUBE SMD include:

• Internal or external thread for cable connections up to 70A

• Reverse types for electrical board-to-board connections up to 85A

• 90° versions for angled electrical connection of cable lugs or angled mechanical assembling of PCBs on housings

• Reverse types for top layer soldering PCBs but bottom side cable connection

• Tape and reel


REDCUBE THR combine the advantages of through-hole technology - high mechanical stability - with fully automatic assembly. Würth Elektronik's THR high-current terminals can be processed using the same assembly and soldering process like SMT components. REDCUBE THR are available with internal and external thread for currents up to 85A.

For more information on REDCUBE terminals you can check out:

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