Smart prototype manufacturing

Time is money in our fast-paced world. Developers especially, can tell you a thing or two about it: innovations, new products and variations are launched in ever-faster succession. There’s no time to stand still and the timeframes between product development and product launch are getting increasingly tighter.

This creates a big challenge for the time-consuming research and test phase of suitable components!

But the good news is that a lot of time can be saved during this phase – without compromising diligence or quality.

Product research

Online catalogs with search and filter functions replace hardcopy versions making the search for components much easier than in the past, despite the huge selection of available components. Online research can be done very quickly by filtering, sorting or even simulating components according to the characteristics required. Using the simulation software REDEXPERT, you are even able to simulate and compare individual components for specific operating conditions. You’ll be eager to know how to get hold of these components? After all, you’ll want them to be cost-efficient and available.

Product procurement

Maybe you have plenty of drawers full of old samples waiting to be used? In reality, it is unlikely that any of those will suit your current project, as the range of different models, electrical values and specifications is so vast. In most cases you will need to order a suitable sample – a process that often takes several days and may even require a cost approval beforehand. But fear not: Würth Elektronik offers a sample service! As part of this service, you receive the required components upon request within 24 to 48 hours – and in most cases even free of charge. Would it not be even better to have a certain amount and choice of samples in-stock? Naturally in a variety of models, sizes or value ranges. Here, our design kits and racks are what you need.

More value at Würth Elektronik

Our design kits are particularly useful: These boxes contain a range of product samples for a specific product group. The design kits are available in a number of versions, for example with snap ferrites, ferrite beads or line chokes. With a design kit, you always have a suitable component ready to hand. But there is more!

We offer new flexible shelving systems (racks) - specifically for EMC solutions and smart prototyping. More precisely: The Alpha-Rack is a storage and organizational system for electronic components, design kits and documents. The Alpha-Rack system can be adapted completely to your requirements and is ideal for any (EMC) laboratory and any workspace. It can be set up as a freestanding unit, is available as a mobile rotating tower and if space comes at a premium, optional wall mounting is available too. You have complete control over what goes into it. Our range offers endless combinations of components. It allows you to compare directly whether for example a MLCCs or a H-Chip capacitor is more suitable for your particular application.

The benefits of design kits and Alpha-Racks at a glance

• Quick and easy component access

• Technical data available at a glance

• Expandable modular Alpha-Racks can be individually combined

• Rack configuration support

• Free lifelong restocking

One final expert tip

Whether you have an appointment at an EMC lab or whether you perform tests in your in-house lab it is always a good idea to take your samples and design kits with you!

The benefits are clear: If you perform tests in-house and identify EMC issues, you can immediately detect problem areas and replace the samples. It is the best way to prepare for EMC testing.

This is even more important for actual EMC testing. When a product fails the test it could take a while before a next appointment is possible. Samples and design kits always save the day. Especially snap ferrites that you should always have with you.

Save money and above all time with our added value racks and kits!

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