Wireless Connectivity & Sensors

You need even more range than normal? Then we recommend our proprietary solution Thebe-II. With the improved reception sensitivity and the extra portion of transmission power, radio ranges of up to 20km can be realized.

The Calypso Wi-Fi radio module is a fully equipped, self-sufficient WIFI module with IEEEE 802.11 b/g/n, extreme high-speed UART up to 3 Mbps and 2.4 HGz and compact design (19 x 27.5 x 4 mm).

The Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 radio module Proteus-II has the possibility to send radio packets with an extended data rate of 2Mbit. In addition, the newly developed "High Throughput Mode" allows the transmission of several radio packets per connection interval and thus multiplies the data throughput up to 200kbit/s.

The new WSEN-ITDS is a high performance, low power 3 axis acceleration sensor with digital I²C output interface. With a selectable measurement range up to ±16g and special features such as FIFO buffer, programmable interrupts and stationary/motion-detecting 4D/6D orientation, the sensor is suitable for vibration monitoring, IIoT and robotics applications.

The new WSEN-PADS is a Piezo-resistive absolute pressure sensor based on MEMS with integrated temperature sensor. Low power consumption, 24-bit pressure output data and digital I²C interface make it ideal for applications such as altitude tracking, weather stations, precise navigation system and improving GPS accuracy.

The new WSEN-PDUS differential pressure sensors are available in 5 different pressure ranges, each with an integrated ASIC, a 24-bit digital pressure output and an integrated temperature sensor, whereby the output values are temperature compensated and calibrated. They can be used, for example, to control air conditioning systems, monitor filters or search for gas leaks.


The new WRIS-KWKB thick film resistors with a resistance range from 2.2 Ω to 270 Ω, resistance tolerance ± 1% tolerance, rated power 1 W to 2 W and an operating temperature from -55°C to +155°C. Recommended soldering: Reflow.

The new WRIS-PSMB metal plate resistor has a resistance range from 5 mΩ to 10 mΩ to 10 mΩ, rated power 0.33 W to 0.5 W, operating temperature: -55°C* to +155°C and a resistance tolerance of ± 1%. Recommended soldering: Reflow.

The new WRIS-KSKEthick film resistors with resistance range from 50 mΩ to 10 Ω, rated power 0.125 W to 1 W, operating temperature -55°C* to +155°C,. Recommended soldering: Reflow.


The new WCAP-PHGP H-Chip Aluminum Polymer Capacitor with high endurance of 2000h at +105°C and high ripple current capability offers a capacitance tolerance of +20% and an operating temperature of -55°C* to +105°C. Recommended soldering: Reflow

The new WCAP-PHSE H-Chip Aluminium Polymer Capacitor offers a high endurance of 2000h at +105°C and a high ripple current capability. The operating temperature ranges from -55°C* to +105°C. Recommended soldering: Reflow.

The new WCAP-PHLE H-Chip Aluminium Polymer Capacitor offers a high endurance of 2000h at +105°C and a high ripple current capability. The operating temperature ranges from -55°C* to +105°C. Recommended soldering: Reflow.

The new electric WCAP-STSC double layer capacitor with capacitance range 3 F - 50 F, rated voltage 2.7 V(DC) and operating temperature from -40°C to +65°C.

The new WCAP-ASLU Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor from the current leak proof product line with a lifetime from 1000 to 2000h at +85°C, a capacitance tolerance ± 20% tolerance: ± 20%, and operating temperature - 40°C* to 85°C. Recommended soldering: Reflow.

Quartz & Oscillators

The new WE-XTAL with SMT and THT models in industry standard packages and miniature package sizes are hermetically sealed.

The new WE-SPXO crystal oscillator series in industry standard packages is suitable for surface mount devices (SMD) and is hermetically sealed.

EMC Components

The new WE-CLFS single-phase filter offers broadband noise suppression as well as simple and fast installation using faston connectors. Flammability according to UL 94 V-0, climatic category: 25/100/21 and approvals: cULus (UL 60939-3, CSA 22.2 No. 8), VDE (IEC/DE 60939-2)

ShielDIY is a fast prototyping solution for your Board Level Shielding. The kit is made up of a Nickel Silver sheet, with a thickness of 0.2 mm, that has lines carved every 5mm for easy bending and cutting.

Automotive Standard Products

The WE-CHSA series is a high current SMD inductor with a patented design of air gap construction that is centered inside the component, allowing a saturation current of up to 57 A. CHSA is used in DC/DC converters, signal filtering and other high current applications.

The new WE-TEFA series features a magnesium toroidal core which improves the EMC suppression characteristics in medium to high frequency ranges and attenuates EMC interference earlier.

The new WE-RCIT rod core inductor in THT design is well suited for EMC filtering. A fully automated production process makes this series particularly suitable for automotive applications.

Power Magnetics

The new WE-MCRI series - current and compact design, better leakage inductance (Lk) and rated current (lr) than comparable components. The composite core material enables high saturation. Further features: Magnetically shielded, 1:1 transformer.

The new WE-WPCC series is characterized by a high quality value due to the high permeability of the shielding, a reliable design with solid ferrite plate and low RDC values. Further features: Ø 20 mm, smallest Qi coil, low inductance, for 5 V systems, compatible with all Qi transmitters.

The new WE-PD series is AECQ 200 qualified with highest possible saturation current on ferrite basis, ulta low RDC and RAC and suitable for switching frequencies up to 5MHz. Temperature dependent parameter available for Redexpert, operating temperature from -40°C to +150°C.

Electromechanical Components

The new WA-SCAP & WA-SCRW Distance Cap Series for SMT Steel Spacer for thermal and electrical insulation intermediate size and the new WA-EXRV Mounting Button for SMT Steel Spacer M3 fast mounting at mass production time saving screwless connection.

The new WS-MITV and WS-ENTV series offer new micro switches in 6 new variants and a TUT encoder switch with pushbutton switch for miniaturalized applications.

The coaxial connector product line has grown. In addition to the wide range of standard SMA solutions for frequencies up to 18 GHz, MCX and MMCX coaxial connectors for printed circuit boards, cables and adapters are now also available.

The new WP-SMRT series is designed for board-to-board and IGBT connections and offers easy and fast automated assembly and a very low profile. Compatible with REDCUBE PRESS-FIT, THR & SMD.

TI-PMLK Learning Kit

The TI-PMLK (Power Management Lab Kit) Würth Elektronik Edition is the perfect learning kit for power electronics students and engineers to study and test the effects of magnetic elements on a buck switching power supply.

LED & Photodetectors

The new WL-SFRW series is the smallest housing with exceptional brightness and therefore ideal for applications in confined spaces. With a large viewing angle and low power consumption.

Ultra-thin WL-SMCC 0.25mm chip LED with exceptional brightness, 0402 industry-standard footprint, PCB-based high reliability, IR reflow soldering compatible, miniaturized color effects, water clear lens.

The new WL-SFCC series is characterized by an anti-reflection surface, a very large viewing angle. It is also the smallest RGB package.

The new WL-SICW series features an IR emitter, low power consumption, high reliability and fast switching.

The WL-SBTW series is characterized by low power consumption, high reliability, low power consumption and no diffuse lens as well as a black surface.

The new WL-SMTW series is characterized by high reliability and low energy consumption. With quick switching, flexibility in design and black surface. The series offers a high variety of colours and a high intensity.