Microchip: #DV330101 Low Voltage PFC
Development Kit

Low Voltage Power Factor Correction (LVPFC) Development Kit offers safe voltage levels at moderate power while designing algorithms on a boost power factor correction topology. These algorithms can be applied on real systems under development with minimal changes. The LVPFC Development Board utilizes the dsPIC33EP128GS806 device, supporting full digital and advanced power control algorithm schemes. LVPFC development kit utilizes Isolation transformer with turn ratio of 10:1 and a 50W Active load. These additional tools are available from our third party tools provider ASCALAB.

Read more about the Reference Design here.

Technical Characteristics / Features:

  • EMI/EMC Filter at the input (capable of high voltage)
  • Bridge Rectifier (3Amax, capable of high voltage)
  • Phase 1 (MOSFET, Current Transformer, Diode rectifier)
  • Phase 2 (MOSFET, Current Transformer, Diode rectifier)
  • Ultra-Wide Voltage Range (UWVR) 5W Flyback (capable of low and high voltage); It is providing 12V primary, non-galvanic isolated and 12V secondary, 4 kV galvanic isolated voltage

Components from Würth Elektronik: