Webinar Flex-rigid XVIII

Collaboration with Altium - joint webinar on flex-rigid technology

Under the title "BEST PRACTICES FOR SUCCESSFUL RIGID-FLEX DESIGN FABRICATION" we organized a successful webinar on April 2nd, 2020 in cooperation with Altium, a world leading developer of software for electronic design. More than 700 attendees were able to learn about the theory of flex-rigid and the practical implementation in AltiumDesigner. The theoretical part, presented by our specialist Andreas Schilpp, covered seven important aspects that need to be clarified before starting board design in order to make a flex-rigid project successful, reliable and cost-effective as a complete system.

The standard layer structures, also available in AltiumDesigner's data format, help in the PCB design process to quickly and reliably achieve manufacturable results.

Christian Keller from Altium Europe then demonstrated in the practical part how mechanical requirements from the system can be easily implemented in AltiumDesigner. The hybrid training design WECube was used as an example to explain the different variations in the build-up with the layer stackups. The 3D function with animation and verification of the folding sequence of the cube was again particularly impressive.

During the presentation and in the concluding question and answer session, which lasted almost as long as the actual webinar itself, more than 120 questions were asked and answered.

Conclusion: A very successful event in special times!

You are welcome to watch the webinar here (link to Altium website).

Presentation as PDF:
Altium - Best Practice